Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I have to answer so many questions and provide so much information to obtain a quote?  Answer: We mush make sure we are performing our services with diligent, ethics and moral good.  To give you a quote based on anything other than knowing your particular history, operations and needs to is act irresponsibly.  You would not go to the doctor and say you have been having chest pains and expect the Doctor to hand you two aspirin and send you home would you?
  2. How long does it take to obtain a quote.  The time can vary from two days to two weeks depending on the size of the operations.  Our National accounts require careful consideration.  Some quotes can be obtained in 24 hours.  All of these time estimates will depend upon your time and cooperation in obtaining the information we need.  We will not submit to quote until all of our underwriting has been me. It is a huge waste of everyone’s time to “piece-meal” a submission.
  3. Our agent said he cannot find insurance for our cabins and home in the wildfire zones. Can you help us with these dwellings? Yes! In most cases we can. We can insure rentals, seasonal, vacant and vacations properties.
  4. I have dwellings and buildings in multiple States that require flood insurance.  We have found that purchasing flood insurance in many instances requires that we buy a different policy for each property and building.  Does your flood insurance work the same way? No and yes!  We have three flood insurance programs.  And, yes, we do have a list policy that will allow you to combine Residential, Commercial and farm buildings all on one policy.  We also have access to a private flood program and yes.. we have the National Flood Insurance Program as well.
  5. Can you insured our commercial autos, personal autos and trailers? Yes, we have access to several commercial automobile insurance carriers and can combine the vehicles in question.  We also have Farm & Ranch Packages. Many will allow us to put all the property on one policy meaning, home, dwellings, barns, outbuildings, stables, commercial autos and personal autos. Did I mentions that in some instance we can include the recreational vehicles also? We can.