About Horseins.com

Horseins.com is the property of Athena Insurance and Financial Services an independent insurance brokerage founded in 1996. California State Broker #0588228 and National #2709340.

HorseINS.com has been specifically designed to focus on the Equine Market place.  Athena Insurance operates today in over 19 States across the U.S.  and is very dedicated to your Equine and Agricultural protection. We have nearly 150 insurance carriers ready to meet your Equine and other insurance needs.

The companies we work with have teams of professionals to support our independent operations on a regular basis and provide excellent claims services when a claim arises.

Here is a partial list of the types of equine operations we can assist  you with.

1.Show Horses15.reserved
2.Pleasure Horses16.Group Accident & Medical Insurance
3.Horse Farms17.Guided Trail Rides
4.Rodeos18.Outfitters and Guided Trail Rides
5.Equestrian Professionals19.Horse Show, Rodeo & Special Event
6.Equestrian Clubs20.Personal Horse Owners Liability
7.Shows21.Polo Club Insurance
8.Care Custody and Control22.Pony Rides Petting Zoo
9.Commercial Equine Liability23.Race Horse Owners Liability
10.Boarding & Training Stables24.Riding Club Insurance
11.Directors & Officers, Errors & Omissions25.Rodeo Event Insurance
12.Equine Assisted Therapy Programs26.Trainers & Riding Instructor Liability
13.Farrier Insurance27.Therapeutic Riding Program
14.Horse Mortality & Major Medical28.Veterinary & Animal Services

Please feel free to check out some of our other Insurance and Social Sites as they may have great value to you personally and “business-wise as well.


Everything Agricultural is a site for just that!  Everything Agricultural.

“As the name implies but does not “delve” into, is the end-design build…”

My thinking regarding the creative use of this “EA” site is focused, in part, on the small “cottage industry” type person or business that needs a very “focused but economical” way of marketing their product or services.

The “street price for the Custom Post Type listing is only $2.99/month.  Annual Discount pricing will reduce this cost by 10% or so.. not quite certain.

For example, I have a next door neighbor that has free range chickens and sells “eggs”…  but how do you find him? Without going into too much detail or debate on how search engines are “selling ads to no end” and thus making “focus” a thing of the past “in part” ..  “EA”

on the other hand will custom tailor the “template” for someone like him so that the “Category” or “Post Type” will be “custom tailored” to all individuals and businesses who have just such an operation.  What do I mean?

You will just have to watch the site grow and see! Yes.. I am teasing and tempting. lol

I have another client that raises grass feed beef, free range chickens and grass fed sheep.  Without the chemicals that other operations may or may not use.  How does he design a marketing campaign at $2.99/mo? He joins EverythingAgricultural.com and starts spreading the word!

Ok, I could go on for days… but I am not going to..  Funding of these projects are made possible due the the consumers that purchase insurance from us at Athena Insurance and Financial Services. And we greatly appreciate their efforts.

Thank you and kind regards,

S Valencia


California Farm Insurance is another one of Athena Insurance and Financial Services sites. Unlike HorseINS.com, CaliforniaFarmInsurance.com has a wider focus of farming and ranching services.  Wineries, hobby farms, commercial growers and more.

 California Farm Insurance


WhatsHappeningToday.com “the events happening network”.  What does an event network have to do with Horses? Let your imagination run like a wild Stallion.  Just kidding.. pull them reins back there Silver. WhatsHappeningToday.com is an Event posting network of events across the Nation. In 2018 we will be adding in new features that allow user to sell event tickets to their event. Now, to answer the question…Horse events can include Rodeos, Horse Show, Parades, Pony Rides any event that has to do with Horse you can add for free.  Register here for free now




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